Artisan Bears

I have worked with fibre for what seems like my whole life, but actually it was from a very young age when me mother first showed my her embroidery work, it was stunning. Sensibly she started me with general sewing and something practical like my school uniform. I remember there was always a jumper being knit or a blouse being made, it was just normal to make things. I did not see it as a hobby or a craft in those days, it was just what we did.

I have crafted all my life and like many artists I have had two 'lives' one of crafting and creating and the other unrelated full-time employment. A brief change for seven years I had my own interior design business which I had thought was the only way to incorporate my skills into paid employment. As much as I loved the design it was within the limited parameters of my clients desires.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I started to repair and sell vintage teddy bears and went on a bear making course so that my repair skills could be improved. I stumbled across needle felting at the same time and realised it would be a great way to repair the 'fur' of the bears and this lead to the rocking horses. I learn something new with every creation and long may it continue

Artisan Bears I create my bears with the skills learnt from Lorraine Edwards of Arctophilia Bears. Some of the patterns are my own and some I have adapted to my own style from Lanies designs. I have focussed more on Critters than Teddy Bears and I bring a bit of sculpting to give each creation giving them a personality, all are individual and one off.

Why not come and see us at one of the shows, full details on the 'events&contacts' page or have a look in the shop to see what we have available at the moment. We always have different items at the shows as I make new creations for each event.