Rocking Horses

We specialise in repairing and restoring the Pegasus of Crewe Rocking Horses. We prefer to keep as much of the originial horse in tact as possible. This often means I have to repair the 'fur' of the horse where it has been worn or provided a few meals for the moths. The Mane and Tail have usually taken the biggest hit, even with the less worn horses. I create a new mane out of mohair, alpaca, silk and wool, depending on the look and colour we are aiming for.

The original horses were more often than not made to order, so there is a huge variety available in the second hand market. Pegasus also had some off the shelf horses that they made for department stores which means there is an element of uniformity in these ranges.

We sell horses we have restored and can also take on the restoration work for a family horse that you cannot bare to part with, but needs some TLC. Whilst these have to be priced individually we normally can complete a project for between £350 and £700. It depends on how much of the sadle and reigns need replacing, how much damage to the 'fur' and padding, how much of the mane and tail remains.

We can also provide you with just a new set of tack (bridle, martingale, saddle and stirrup straps) if that is all you need. There are a lot of options available in style and colour.

Our workshop is in Stratford-upon-Avon (soon to be moving to Wales) or you can come and talk to us at any of the shows we are attending this year - just see the contacts/events page. We often have a selection of renovated horses for sale and we can even take your Pegasus Horse in part exchange if you want to get a bigger size or upgrade. We are not always able to bring the horses to all of the shows, it depends on the size of our stand, so if you are interested in someting particular and would like us to have somthing to show you at an event near you, make sure you contact us before hand.

Just get in touch if you have any projects you would like us to help with.