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Welcome and thank you for dropping by. On the naviagtion bar above you will see there are separate pages for Needle Felting (Fibre Artist), Artisan Bears (Fibre Artist), Rocking Horses and Lamps, which will give you a bit of a background to our different skills.

I started Tootique as an outlet for my creations, which have been many and plenty over the years. As an Interior Designer I used many of my design and artistic skills to bring 'one-offs' into peoples homes. I like to think that I still do the same but with my own art. The Rocking Horses, Artisan Bears and Needle Felting all came into my life at the same time, combining my love of craft, restoration and nostalgia. They all involve fibre/fur and I love the limitless possibilites of this natural organic renewable resource. I initally learnt to make teddy bears so that I could mend vintage teddy bears and this then lead naturally to fibre rocking horses. I fell in love with creating artisan critters, so I now sculpt with fibre, make artisan bears as well as repair rocking horses.

I am constantly learning and I need to give a shout out for Lorraine Edwards of Arctophillia who taught me to make Artisan Bears and Sara Renzuilli who I learnt fibre sculpture from on the internet. Sara I have never met, and that is one of the joys of our internet enabled world that I can learn from someone who lives on a seperate continent and does not know I exist. On the other hand Lanie, I consider a friend and I still attend her workshops and use her patterns.

Recently we have added lamps to our range - not me this time but Steve is the creator of our Steampunk Industrial lamps which fit under the banner of Wacky Lamps.

You can find us at different shows, about one per month through the year. Have a look at our Events&Contacts page for the details or just follow us on Facebook and we have links to all our events for the year. I also run workshops in Stratford upon Avon and Fargo (Coventry) for needle felting so have a look at the Fibre Artist page for details of upcoming courses. I also have a pieces displayed at Container No8, Fargo (Far Gosford Street, Coventry)

Hope you enjoy our work and maybe meet you in person in the near future.

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